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The Domarex company manufactures and imports textiles as well as various home textiles. Ever since 1982, he has been learning about the secrets of fibrillation in order to offer his clients the highest quality products. Professional approach, competitive prices and a guarantee of quality are the factors that decided about the trust that our clients place in us. Hard and reliable work has made us the most-chosen business partner on the market. Domarex is a company in the offer of which we find primarily high-end Spanish fabrics - their high weight and unique weave creates many opportunities in the production of decorative accessories. The quality of fabrics is appreciated by dressmakers, who sew all sewn-on products on site at the company's headquarters. The Domarex offer includes a variety of fabrics, of which are sewn, among others decorative pillows, curtains, tablecloths and other home textiles. Specialists devote a lot of time to watching the level of imported materials, which are used for production, and their hard work is appreciated by a wide range of customers who are the guarantor of our quality. We also offer ready-made products - blankets, bedspreads, pillows, etc. An extraordinary asset of the company is its wide range of colors and patterns - the latest technologies such as sublimation, embossing - where the structural matrix (eg blankets) are used are used to create them.

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